Jefferson Capitol “Fresh Start” MasterCard Program


Jefferson Capital Systems is a collections agency that takes a new approach when it comes to collecting old debts. Instead of harassing the debtor for payment, they offer you more credit, even though you defaulted on your previous debt!

Here’s how it works: Jefferson Capital sends you a letter in the mail that looks like a typical collection agency letter, but upon review, it’s actually a new offer for new credit. In this offer, the debtor is given a payment plan to pay off the original debt at a reduced rate.

After paying a small portion of the debt, you will be issued an Emblem MasterCard with a credit limit equal to the remaining balance of your debt. This way, you can pay off your previous debt and rebuild credit at the same time!

Once your debt has been paid, Jefferson Capital will remove all negative reporting and will only report your new Emblem MasterCard to all three credit bureaus.

For all the bad things you hear about collection agencies, it is very refreshing to know that Jefferson Capital is willing to give the debtor a fresh start towards reestablishing credit.

If more collection agencies took a similar approach, unpaid debts could be greatly reduced in America. Sometimes, all people need is a second chance.

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