Capital One Gave Me A Third Chance!


In a previous post entitled: Will Capital One Give You A Second Chance?, I spoke of how after defaulting on a previous Capital One account, I reapplied for a new card and was approved. A few months later I applied for the Capital One Quicksilver One card and was also approved.

We’re talking about a person who only a few years ago could not get approved for anything other than a secured credit card. Now, with my newfound credit, I will continue to use it responsibly as Capital One is known for generously increasing your credit limit after just 5 months of on-time payments!

If you’ve had trouble reestablishing credit in the past, I highly recommend applying for the Capital One Platinum Card first. After making three to five on-time payments above the minimum amount due, then you can confidently apply for the Quicksilver One card. By using your credit wisely, you will soon be rewarded.

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