Bill Collectors Hate Me – The Return


When I decided that the Bill Collectors Hate Me blog was due for an overhaul, I knew that I had to get it right. Before having the blog created, I had two goals in mind. The first was that it had to look completely different. I didn’t want any chance of it being confused with the blog that it was before. Secondly, it had to be feature-packed. Although new features have been added, this is a work in progress.

One of the first things you’ll notice is how much better the blog flows. Previously, the entire blog post displayed in its entirety, which by nature, slowed the reader down and made it too difficult to view all the great things the blog had to offer. If you didn’t like the page you were currently viewing, chances are, you wouldn’t stick around, and just leave the blog completely.

Conversely, the new layout has a wide-open feel to it…The flow is much better. With one quick glance, you get a much better feel of what the site offers because instead of single full-page views, the new blog shows miniature snippets of several blog posts within a single pageview. On-site statistics show that visitors are viewing more articles and spending considerably more time on the blog than they did previously.

We hope that you enjoy all the changes we’ve made. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about the new look. Feel free to suggest features that you would like to see. If I like your idea, I will have it implemented and include your name in an upcoming blog article giving you full credit for the suggestion!

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