The Top 6 Credit Cards for the Frequent Traveler


If you’re a frequent traveler and you don’t have a credit card to help you earn points, cashback, or miles, what are you doing?! A credit card dedicated to travel is one of the best things you can do if you travel often. Whether you earn cashback, points, or miles towards your flight, keep reading to see which travel credit card is the best fit for you.

The top 6 credit cards if you’re a frequent traveler:

        1. Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

Earn 2 points per dollar on dining and travel and 1 point per dollar on all other purchases with this card. If you currently have other Chase cards with point balances, you can transfer your points to this card and keep it that way – they allow you to get the most out of all your Chase cards!

        2. American Express Gold Card

Earn up to 4x points on everyday purchases including takeout, dining, groceries, air fair, etc. Amex offers a very generous welcome offer that helps you earn points even faster so you can plan out your next trip earlier than expected. While this card does have a hefty annual fee, this card offers amazing benefits that we think outweigh the annual fee.

       3. Bank of America Rewards Credit Card

If you’re looking for a basic credit card that earns you points or miles towards flights and has no annual fee, look no further! You earn points on every purchase, and those points can be redeemed at select hotels and airlines. We like this option because of how simple yet effective it is if you’re a frequent traveler who doesn’t want a card that’s complex to understand.

      4. Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

One of the most popular travel credit cards on the market, this card is simple to understand, you have flexible redemption options, and you earn up to 2x points on every purchase. Offering a great introductory offer, this credit card is a great starter option for frequent travelers.

      5. Citi Premier Card

This card is coming to play with the big guys in the industry – offering 3 points per dollar charged on airline purchases, hotels, grocery stores, restaurants, and gas stations. This is a great option if you’re looking for ways to earn points on every purchase you make. Offering 1-3x points on all purchases, you can quickly earn points towards your next adventure!

     6. Chase Freedom Flex

We know this isn’t marketed as a travel card, but we wanted to include this cashback card because you earn 5% cashback on all travel purchases booked on this card. While you don’t earn points towards flights, hotels, etc., the amount of cashback you will receive by using this card to book your travel will make up the difference.

Our Bottom Line

Now that you know what options are out there, you can read through them all and determine which one fits your lifestyle and your needs the best. Everyone wants their credit cards to do different things for them – some people prefer a points system while others prefer cashback.

Determine which card is best for your specific needs and head to their website to apply. Don’t waste your time, get going and get traveling!


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