A Message From HELL!

Many years ago, this one particular collection agency emailed me with threats like I had never seen before. I mean, these were not your normal, run of the mill threats…These threats were way over the top and one day I just got fed up and responded back with the vilest, most vulgar, and nastiest words known to mankind.

I wanted them to know that I didn’t appreciate them contacting me with empty threats of having me arrested and hauled off to jail when they knew they could do no such thing and where just using scare tactics in an attempt to get me to pay off a past due payday loan that was several months to a year in my rear-view.

Within the hour I received an email reply from a man claiming to be the owner of the company who stated that he is running a family-owned business and has young children who read his business emails from time to time and would appreciate it if I did not use such vile language as he felt that it was very offensive to his kids.

To which, I responded that as long as he continues to send me empty threats, I will continue to reply back with language that demonstrates my displeasure in him contacting me. I made it perfectly clear that we can continue this email back and forth, or he could stop contacting me and I would gladly reciprocate by not responding. I never heard from him or his company again.

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