Apple Pay vs Google Pay

Mobile payment solutions have become the norm for a lot of people, and they do stand out of the crowd quite a bit. Google Pay and Apple Pay are both known for delivering an incredible return on investment and the quality they provide is very impressive. With that being said, which one is the better option for you? Let’s find out!

Compatible devices

Google Pay wins here because it’s compatible with any Android phone that has HCE and NFC support, Android 4.4 or higher. Apple Pay is limited to iOS devices, so the device range is rather limited when compared to the Android version. Both of them are very well optimized for the supported devices, but the fact that there are some limitations with compatible devices is certainly something you must consider here.


You can use Google Pay in 29 countries all over the world, with Apple Pay delivering support in 41 countries. This is all at the time of this writing, with the numbers changing quite a bit all the time, depending on a variety of different factors.

Authentication system

For Apple Pay, you can use either FaceID or your fingerprint. In the case of Google Pay, you have the pattern, PIN, fingerprint or password. That’s a lot more diverse, but as expected, all options work flawlessly on both sides. That’s what makes both of them great, since you have versatility.

Where can you use it?

Google Pay can be used with NFC terminals, for web purchases and in-app purchases. Apple Pay also has the same features, but it also focuses on web purchases in Safari, so you don’t have support for all browsers, which is important to keep in mind.


For Apple Pay you have credit, loyalty, and debit card support. Google Pay has pretty much the same, but they are also offering gift card support. It’s not a major difference, but it is quite an impressive achievement, which is something to take into consideration here.

Is it safe to use?

Both Apple and Google Pay are focused on safety. They have minimized the amount of fraud that happens due to encryption and other powerful solutions. That’s what makes it worth it, the fact that it’s a versatile system with incredible results and a tremendous return on investment. Plus, the fact that you get great peer to peer payments is also a major plus.


As you can see, both Google Pay and Apple Pay are both incredible mobile payment systems. They are very easy to adapt to your needs, versatile and a pleasure to use. It does take a bit of trial and error to get used to them, but they are both amazing, and while each one has its pros and cons, they are constantly updated and very easy to use. Give them a try for yourself and see which one suits your needs the most. You will be very impressed with their flexibility and value!


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