Are There Some People Who Don’t Care About Credit?

There certainly are and I used to be one of them. Believe it or not, the primary reason why I started to care about my credit and repair it is that someone told me that I couldn’t. Yep. It just came down to a simple case of I’m going to do it just because you said I can’t situation.

Nothing motivates me more than a person telling me what I can and cannot do, just because they think they know everything and are superior to everyone else just because they happen to have good credit or whatever the case may be.

A friend of mine told me that I would never have a better credit score than him and then he made the mistake of telling me what his credit score was and it was pretty much on, after that.

I told him that I would have a 700 credit score in six months’ time and he was willing to bet me 1K that I wouldn’t have a 700 score in a full year. I refused to take the bet because I knew I’d do it and it would just ruin the friendship because this guy hates to lose and hates being wrong even more.

Well, not only did I improve my credit score from the low 400’s to the low 700’s on one of my credit reports, but I did it in under six months. When I showed my friend a screenshot of my accomplishment and reminded him that I could have taken his money but didn’t, he, as predicted, stopped speaking to me and it ruined our friendship. I should have just taken his money.

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