Bad Credit: Life’s Dirty Little Secret

Bad credit is one of life’s dirty little secrets. For the most part, if a person has bad credit they will keep that information close to the vest…carrying it to their grave if they have to, in order to keep from sharing their poor decisions with even the closest of family and friends.

Contrary to popular belief, in today’s economy, you might be surprised to find out that the majority of your friends have bad credit too! A great many of them have filed bankruptcy at least once, all the while keeping this information under wraps.

Just like the proverbial elephant in the room, people make a conscious decision to ignore what is staring them right in the face. They’re afraid that if they share their credit past with anyone, that they will be judged like some second class citizen so they continue to live the lie.

I get it. I used to feel the same way until one day I woke up and decided to just let it all hang out. I decided to no longer keep my credit status a secret and I found out that by telling people of the mistakes I’ve made in the past, that it was therapeutic. I feel better now…and so will you!

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