Best Cashback Rewards Cards

I research credit virtually non stop so I am well equipped to answer this question. Without a doubt, the two best cash back cards that you can own and “should” qualify for with about a 650 FICO credit score would be the Discover IT Cash and the Citibank Double Cash rewards cards.

I have them both and my credit score was right about the same or maybe even a little less when I applied. Discover will pay you 5% cash back throughout the year based on quarterly categories. Each quarter, a new category earns a 5% cashback.

The Citibank Double Cash rewards card offers 2% cashback on any and all purchases with no need to be concerned about what quarter or savings category you are currently in. 2% is creatively divided. You earn 1% on the purchase and the other 1% on the payment.

As of this writing, the two cards combined quite literally offer the best one-two punch when it comes to maximizing cashback rewards and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to go with them. Possessing one of them is good but owning both of them is better. I encourage you to apply.

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