Bills or Beer Money?

Bills or beer money? Ahh… that is the question. Well for me, that’s a no-brainer. Beer wins every time, right? No, not really. What I mean is that anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love my light beer! Just not enough to choose it over repaying my financial obligations.

As I’ve stated many times before, I give bill collectors a hard time for breaking credit collection laws all the time but I would never suggest a person not pay their bills. This blog is designed to help people navigate through the madness that is the debt collection industry.

I offer advice on how to handle illegal debt collection practices from the worst of the worst debt collectors. This includes teaching consumers how to stand up for themselves and to not be intimidated by insanely bogus threats of being arrested at your home or place of employment.

Whatever questions you may have relating to credit and collection I will most likely have an answer for, since I’ve seen it all… but if you ask me if you should buy beer or pay your bills, I would highly recommend the latter. Just check in with me first before negotiating any payments.

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