Blow the whistle on Debt Collector Harassment!

Debt Collectors can be a pain in the ass. We all know that. In my early dealings with debt collectors, I’d do like most people and ignore the calls, choosing to let them go straight to voicemail because it was just easier to avoid confrontation. It wasn’t until later that I decided that enough was enough. I would no longer fear answering my own phone.

I decided to face debt collectors head on and if I didn’t answer the phone when they initially called, I’d listen to the message to gauge their tone and then call them back for the details. I learned very quickly that I could use this information to mount my counter attack. The calls would start out civil enough, but would inevitably take a turn for the worse the moment I told them the debt didn’t belong to me. 

Even if I knew the debt was mine, the answer was always: “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” The reason for denial is because you never want to admit to the debt unless doing so will benefit you in some way. Otherwise, any admission of ownership can reset the clock on the statute of limitation for the debt if it is nearing or already expired.

If during your conversation you find that you’re being bombarded with idle threats and demands for immediate payment, don’t fret. Just keep a brass whistle at the ready in order to blast their eardrums each time they speak. The calls will soon stop.

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