Can a person get by without credit?

After ruining my credit the first few times, I tried to convince myself that I could live the rest of my life using nothing but cash and debit cards and it worked very well for me for quite a few years because I already had a car and a place to live.

It wasn’t until it came time to find a new apartment that the reality of the lack of good credit would come into play. I was denied for an apartment for the very first time in my life but was later reconsidered after plopping down a huge security deposit that I was in no way prepared to pay for.

The embarrassment of struggling to rent an apartment was a real light bulb moment for me and immediately made me focus on getting my credit life back on track. I started paying all my bills on time and dedicated my focus to credit rebuilding.

In summary, you can live life without credit for a few years if your timing is just right, but mark my words…there will come a day when the chickens come home to roost and you’ll find yourself in need of credit and it won’t be available to you.

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