Can too many credit cards impact your scores?

I currently have about 22 credit cards, 13 of which I got over a twelve-month time span and I have not experienced any negative impact as of yet. Some people think that this is an exuberant amount of credit cards for a single person to own and I can see how some people might think that way.

As for myself, I apply for credit cards as a part of the research needed for my blog. It’s hard for me to give advice if I haven’t lived through the experience first hand. My technique for getting approved at such a high rate is due to the amount of time that I put into my research.

I own eight major credit cards and the remaining cards are for department stores and a single Shell gas card. Although one of my credit karma scores reached 701 once and for exactly a single day, the vast majority of my cards were approved with a poor to fair score between 600–650 which is far from elite.

Having said that, this has not negatively impacted my credit scores because I am not applying willy-nilly all over the place. I have a strategic plan in place and map out exactly when and where I will apply in order to achieve the greatest chance for approval.

Even though my scores typically hover near the barely average range, I know that I can boost them all above 700 at any given time by doing absolutely nothing more than continue to pay my bills on time. The seeds have been planted…Now I can just sit back and watch them grow.

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