Firestone Credit: For easy credit approvals

If you are looking for a nice card to have in case you run into unexpected car problems and don’t keep a stash of cash lying around, I highly recommend the Firestone Complete Auto Care credit card that is financed by Credit First National Association (CFNA).

The Firestone credit card comes with a few perks right out of the box. For instance, there is no annual fee which is always nice but what’s even better is that if you spend at least $299 on a purchase of new tires or auto repairs, you instantly qualify for no interest financing for six months.

Failure to pay off your balance within that time frame will result in you being charged the entire interest amount that would have accrued over the six months. When I purchased my tires I had good intentions but unfortunately, I was unable to pay my balance down in time to reap the zero interest benefits.

Another nice thing about the Firestone card is that you are not bound to using it strictly at Firestone stores. Your card is also accepted at any Bridgestone or Tires Plus repair facilities. Just call them first to make sure that they are still accepting Firestone cards for payment just to be sure.

The best thing about Firestone is that they offer very easy credit approvals. They say that a credit score around 600 will generally lead to approval but when I got my card over six years ago my credit score was nowhere near 600 so I know there is some flexibility there.

My initial credit limit was $800 which increased to $1200, then $2400 and after recently paying off several credit cards, my limit was just increased to $3200. The current APR at the time of this article is 22.8 percent which is not bad but you should be aware that it could change at any time. Apply for Firestone Credit.

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