GC Services Limited Partnership and Sprint

Sprint has several levels of collections, including internal and external. GC Services Limited Partnership (GCSLP) is an example of one of Sprint’s external collection agencies, but debtor beware! GCSLP’s collection letter reads like this:

By this time, you must realize that you are delinquent. You may be eligible to participate in a special program to have service reinstated and retain your SPRINT phone number and rate plan. If you are interested in reinstating service with SPRINT, please call us at 866-801-2459.

It sounds like a great offer, right? Well, that’s what I thought too, so I called them up about a past due balance of $403.69 and they informed me that they have a “special” program that would enable me to pay just $303.69 to have my Sprint phone service restored within 72 hours of payment. Sounds great! So far, so good!

I informed the agent that I didn’t have the cash at the moment but that I would call back the next day so that I could get this past-due bill taken care of. The next day comes around and I call them back to say that I have the money and am ready to pay the agreed-upon balance of $303.69.

Well, that’s when the old bait and switch came in…

The collection agent that I spoke to tells me that she can restore service within 72 hours if I make a payment of $323.69. Now, wait a minute! That is $20.00 more than the $303.69 that I was quoted just one day before, so naturally, I ask “What’s the deal?”

The agent’s response is that she made a mistake in the original quote and that she should have quoted me $20 more. Being the type of person that I am, I told her that if she made a mistake, she should stand by it and honor her initial quote. Well, she refused.

I then told her that I was very disappointed and was tempted to just call Sprint directly and pay the entire $403.69 out of spite and that’s exactly what I did! I know what you’re thinking…why wouldn’t I just pay the extra $20 rather than pay an extra $100, right?

Well, it’s because sometimes principle is more important than money.

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