Gettington Credit: An Updated Review

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Last month I wrote a post entitled: “Gettington: Credit As Easy As 1-2-3.” In the post, I explained how I came upon them by accident while browsing the Credit Karma website. As Credit Karma is known to do, they recommended that I apply for Gettington Credit because they felt that based on my current credit score, I had a great chance of being approved.

As it turns out, they were right. I was instantly approved online for Gettington Credit in January 2019 with a starting credit limit of $400.00. Fast forward to May 2019, just four months later and Gettington notified me that my credit limit has just been increased to $800.00. I was more than excited because what I initially thought was a good credit decision suddenly turned into a great one!

Since I had no way of knowing that my credit limit would double in just 4 months of minimal usage, I thought it was important that I provided an updated review just in case you were still undecided about whether to apply. I hope this update has made your decision easier. Please post a comment below and share your experience with Gettington!

Update: 12/10/19 My credit limit is now at $1200!

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