How Fingerhut helped me reach a 700 credit score!

There was once a point in time when Fingerhut would not let me renew a previously defaulted account with them no matter how many calls I made to their customer service department. I came just short of begging them to accept me back as a customer once I learned the true credit-building value of Fingerhut but they kept telling me no.

I couldn’t believe it. I mean, this was Fingerhut. Not some major credit company or lender. That’s where I made my first mistake with my initial Fingerhut account. I basically burned them without paying them back because I was under the understanding that no harm would come from it. I seriously underestimated just how much of an excellent credit builder they were and they made me pay dearly for it.

It wasn’t until I finally cleaned up my other credit and my score started to rise that I decided to reapply and finally after about two years of denials, they accepted me back as a customer and I was so grateful. Fingerhut has changed my credit for the better and is responsible for single-handedly improving my scores at each credit bureau by at least 50 points on its own which were just enough to push one of my scores over 700 for the first time ever and I know the others are soon to follow.

So the next time that someone talks down to you about having or wanting a Fingerhut Credit account, be sure to tell them that they can do whatever they want to do but you choose to improve your scores across the board by investing in Fingerhut for better credit now and into the future!

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