How To Get Approved With Bad Credit

Getting approved with bad credit is difficult but not impossible. I’ve acquired unsecured credit cards numbering in the teens and the majority of them I was able to obtain with poor credit. At the time, my credit scores ranged between 530 and 580. The reason why I was able to get approved time and time again is that I went in with a plan and I did my research.

I’m a firm believer in user reviews. Before purchasing my truck, I read over 400 reviews and I would have read 1000 if there had been that many. I’m the same way with credit. There are resources available online that will tell you the minimum score needed to get approved for certain cards as well as which credit bureau the card company uses to make credit decisions.

This information is not 100% foolproof but it does give me a certain level of confidence when applying for credit. It also limits the risk of being denied and adding more credit inquiries, which are overrated by the way, but that’s a story for another day.

I also review credit reports to see if I’ve already applied for a particular card so that I don’t apply again too soon and risk another denial. I constantly check for changes in credit card finance companies since certain companies are known for offering easier credit approvals than others. The information is out there…you just have to be willing to go get it.

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