How to purchase a plane ticket without cash or credit card

I purchased a plane ticket using a company called Affirm that allowed me to buy the ticket upfront and make equal monthly payments until the flight was paid for. I went on a one week vacation across the country and my first payment wasn’t due until a month after I returned from my trip.

Affirm is accepted by more and more places and the best part is that it doesn’t count against your credit utilization so it’s the equivalent of paying cash. I have used Affirm to purchase furniture and several other items. The more you use Affirm, the higher your available credit with them.

At the time of my online application, my credit was pretty bad. They started me off with a $400 credit limit and after a few purchases, I am now able to borrow about $2000.00 from them and can pay it off in 3, 6, or 12 equal monthly payments. There is no penalty for paying off sooner.

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