Jefferson Capitol “Fresh Start” MasterCard Program

Jefferson Capitol Systems, LLC is a collections agency that takes a new approach to collecting past due debt. Instead of calling and badgering the debtor for all eternity to pay back a debt, they have teamed up with Mid America Bank and Trust to offer you a new “Emblem” MasterCard, even though you defaulted on your old debt!

Here’s how it works. Jefferson Capitol sends you an offer in the mail that looks like your standard collection agency letter, but upon closer review, it’s actually an offer for new credit whereby the debtor is given a simple payment plan to pay off the original debt at a reduced rate and not some overinflated total that is 3 times the original amount owed like you receive from other collection agencies.

After paying just a small portion of the debt, you will be issued a new “unsecured” MasterCard with a credit limit that is equal to the remaining balance on your previously defaulted debt. This way, you can pay off your previous debt and start rebuilding your credit at the same time!

Once you have paid off your debt, Jefferson Capitol will remove the previous negative reporting from your credit reports and will only report your new “Emblem” MasterCard with a positive payment history, assuming that you make all your payments on time. It’s a win – win!

For all the bad news that you hear about collection agencies, it is very refreshing to know that a few of them, such as Jefferson Capitol Systems, LLC is actually willing to give the debtor a fresh start towards reestablishing new credit. 

If more collection agencies took a similar approach, unpaid debts could be greatly reduced in America. Sometimes, all people need is a second chance.

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