Money Changes Everything

A couple of years ago I was going through a really hard time and dealing with all kinds of financial struggles. My car note was behind, insurance, cell phone, credit cards, and numerous other bills were all at least a couple months past due and I was stressed to no end.

After several months of struggling, I came into a large and unexpected sum of money in the tune of just over 10K. Even though the money had not yet touched my hands, just knowing that it was sitting there and on the way to me changed my entire mood for the better.

Nothing else seemed to matter. Dealing with my girlfriend leaving me, no problem. Stress at work in a job I couldn’t stand, no problem. Fake friends talking about me behind my back while simultaneously stabbing me in it, no problem.

Having money made all my struggles seem terribly insignificant the moment I knew that a large sum of money was headed my way. They say that money doesn’t buy happiness but the people who say that never had any money, so what do they know?

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