People Don’t Choose To Be Deadbeats!

Contrary to popular belief, most people don’t choose to be deadbeats. They don’t suddenly wake up one morning and decide they’re going to just stop paying their monthly bills. Most times it’s due to loss of employment or any number of reasons beyond their control.

But here’s the thing. Bill collectors don’t want to hear that. They have heard every excuse known to mankind a dozen times over. Whether true or untrue, they’re not buying it. From day one of orientation, they are trained to believe that all debtors are liars no matter what they say.

Your excuse for not paying may be true in your world, but to them, it’s just another lie. You can’t get caught up in what they believe is true or untrue. All you can do is the best you can with what you’ve got. What they think of you does not change the facts. Either you have the ability to pay, or you don’t.

Never let a bill collector dictate what you can pay. They are not the boss of you. If anyone knows what you can afford to pay, it’s you. They can tell you that they know how much money you make but it doesn’t matter. Either you have the ability to pay, or you don’t…It’s that simple.

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