Phone Number Spoofing

So tonight I get a phone call and the caller ID reads Sheriff’s Dept. Now, to the average person, panic would set in right away but for me, my immediate thought was that it was just someone trying to collect on a debt by disguising their phone number in order to make it appear as if the call was coming from the Sheriffs Dept. Seriously…That’s just how my mind works, so I let the call go straight to voice-mail.

The caller identified himself as Officer X, calling from the San Diego County Sheriff’s Dept. and he stated that a warrant would be issued for my arrest this evening at 9:30 PM and if I wanted to prevent the warrant from being served, I needed to call the plaintiff in this case back at the provided telephone number within the next hour or else I would be picked up and arrested!

The alleged charges were something along the lines of theft by deception, bank wire fraud and some mumbo-jumbo about fraudulent checks across state lines. At any rate, it was clearly a bunch of B.S. and that’s putting it nicely! I’ll give him credit…If I didn’t know better, I would have been scared “witless”, especially after I googled the number on my caller ID and found that it actually matched the San Diego County Sheriff’s Dept., but I’m smarter than that.

Listen, I didn’t create this blog because I was stupid. If the goal is to scare me, pull the Sheriff’s car up to my front door with a warrant in hand and maybe then I’ll consider taking you seriously. Maybe. But even then, I’d know that the visit was due to some kind of mistake. 

The thought of it being for an unpaid payday loan or other debt would NEVER have crossed my mind because I know that these are civil matters and not criminal. You might sue me for the debt but you’ll never jail me for it!

Phone Number Spoofing:

Phone number spoofing is the ability to call from one cell phone number and disguise it to appear as if the call is coming from another phone number…Including numbers that belong to legitimate entities such as local law enforcement agencies with the hope that it will scare you into complying with their demands for immediate payment. Don’t fall for it. It’s a scam!

These apps can be downloaded from any iPhone or Android store in about 2 minutes and can be stressing a person out within 15! Yes, technology has come that far! I was so amused at the creativity that went into the creation of this scam that I had to blog about it right away so that I could give my followers a heads up before they got scammed or stressed out unnecessarily.

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