Pre-employment credit checks for debt collectors?

I have been dealing with bill collectors off and on since the early 1990’s but it wasn’t until just recently that I became curious as to whether the bill collector harassing you on the other end of the phone has good credit themselves. Now that I think about it, it’s highly doubtful.

Imagine the hypocrisy and double standards involved, not to mention the audacity to call someone up and harass them for not paying their bills when the collectors themselves have just as bad, if not worse credit than the debtor they’re trying to collect from!

Instead of sitting in a cubicle spewing nonsense about being served between 3-5 PM tomorrow at your home or place of employment, they should be worrying about paying their own damn bills and leave debt collection to people who actually have good credit. The system is clearly flawed.

I recently saw a show on Dateline where the shows investigative services discovered one collection agency, in particular, that was owned and operated by ex-cons. Yes, there are convicted felons working as debt collectors in this country! Although I suppose it’s totally possible, I don’t know of any felons with good credit and high moral standards.

There should be laws to prevent bill collectors from being hired for this type of employment without having first passed a pre-employment credit check themselves. It is utterly outrageous that this type of thing goes on all across America and someone needs to put a stop to it!

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