The 4 Best Starter Credit Cards to Help you Build Credit

No matter what your age, getting your first credit card can be scary and overwhelming. Building credit is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your future. If you don’t have credit, it’ll be difficult to be approved for any type of loan, such as a credit card, auto loan, personal loan, or mortgage loan.

There are thousands of different credit card companies, and different kinds of credit cards you can get that you may not know where to even start. This blog is your ultimate guide to the best starter credit cards that were created to help you build credit.

The 4 best starter credit cards that will help you build credit:

        1. First Progress Platinum Elite MasterCard

This is a great starter credit card if you have no credit history or you currently have bad credit. This card is a standard secured card that has an annual fee of only $29. While it doesn’t offer a rewards or points program, it does provide you with a simple way to build up your credit. Another plus of this card is that there is no credit history check needed, making this card accessible for everyone.

       2. Capital One Platinum Credit Card

This card was created if you have low or no credit, and you can increase your credit limit (if needed) in as little as the first 6 months. While this card requires no annual fee payment, it does have an APR rate of 26.99% – making it a great starter credit card.

       3. Petal 2 Visa Credit Card

If you have no credit, or a bad credit score, this is a great card for you! Not only is there no annual fee for this card, but you can also earn up to 1% cashback on eligible purchases right away, and up to 1.5% cashback after you make 12-months’ of payments on time. Petal reports to all 3 of the major credit bureaus, making it easy for you to find your accurate credit score at all times.

       4. Citi Secured MasterCard

This is another great starter credit card for those of you who are new to credit and have no credit history! This card doesn’t offer a rewards system, but the major benefit is that there is no annual fee for having it. If you make your payments on time for 18 consecutive months, you can upgrade to an unsecured card that will allow you to earn points and rewards. Stay on track with your payments on this card with automatic account alerts when a bill is coming up!

These are the 4 best credit cards you can get approved for today if you have little to no credit history! Start building and improving your credit score starting today with any of these options! You’ll have a great credit score in no time so you can get approved for that loan you’ve been waiting for!


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