The Barclays Uber Visa and your TransUnion credit score

I have been approved for several credit cards based on my TransUnion credit score but the most recent approval as of last week was for the Barclays Uber Visa credit card. My FICO 8 credit score at the time of approval was 669. My starting credit limit was $4,000. It has since been increased to $5500 per my request.

I think it’s a great card to have as well as all of the rewards that are bundled into it, but I will mention a few of them. One of which is cellphone repair or replacement insurance of $600 as long as you pay your cellphone bill with the card each month.

The card offers roadside assistance which I find to be a very useful offering at no cost to you vs the likes of companies like AAA, Allstate Motor Club, and others who charge fees that are not at all exuberant but are certainly not free.

You will also receive significant rewards for dining in restaurants, fast food included. I could ramble on about the Uber Visa credit card but it would be best if you experience it yourself. I want you to be the ultimate judge but keep in mind that I would never recommend it if it was not legitimate.

The only limitation to the card that I can think of is that it doesn’t offer traditional cashback rewards that others do, as all of their primary rewards are restricted to Uber Cash, which means that you will get discounts on Uber rides and Uber Eats, as your points stack up, but if you use these services often, then this is the ideal card for you and it’s still a great card even if you don’t!

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