The Barclays Uber Visa Card

Being the author of a credit and financial advice blog, I am always on the lookout for new credit card opportunities. As I’ve stated time and time again, credit inquiries are overrated. After doing a quick check of my recent credit approvals, I was shocked to learn that I’d been approved for eight credit cards within a 30-day time frame and a total of thirteen approvals inside of twelve months.

If inquiries were that detrimental to your credit score, I would never have been approved so many times within such a short period of time. Even with all my recent approvals, I know that I have plenty of room for several more, but I’ve decided that the twenty-plus that I currently own shall do. When applying for credit, I highly recommend that you apply for up to 5 credit cards simultaneously after the first approval…preferably over the weekend as this is when I’ve had the most success.

That brings me to the Uber Visa credit card that is financed by Barclays Bank. I was approved for this and the CareCredit credit card on the same day. Full disclosure, I was denied for three other cards on that day that I didn’t really need, but I was just being greedy. Being approved so often after years upon years of denials can become very addicting and give you a false sense of power and invincibility, so be careful.

This card offers several rewards that can only be redeemed for Uber rides and Uber Eats, but the benefits don’t stop there. You are also eligible for ID Theft Protection, Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver, Roadside Dispatch and Cellphone Protection of $600 against damage or theft as long as you pay your cellphone bill via the card. I only paid $350 for a like-new, refurbished Samsung S9 Plus from the Sprint website, so I am more than covered.

There are several other benefits that are too many to name here but all in all, I find that the Barclays Uber Visa credit card is one of the best in the business… Especially if you are a frequent Uber rider or Uber Eats customer. This card also offers a generous starting credit limit. In my case, I was approved for $4,000, which at the time of this writing is the highest starting credit limit of all my major credit cards.

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