The Blueprint – By Bill Collectors Hate Me

The Blueprint DIY Credit Repair Guide was the result of many years of credit and financial struggles. It wasn’t for the lack of money, but it was instead, the lack of discipline that got me into trouble time and time again.

I always knew what it took to build good credit and I’d laid out the plan in my head a hundred times over but when it actually came time to see the plan all the way through, I failed miserably.

Building credit is a mindset as much as it is a want-to or a need. With that, comes discipline and sacrifice. These are things that you may not quite be ready for. You have to be in a place where you are willing to make the type of commitment needed to improve your credit.

It wasn’t until I was strong enough mentally, that I was able to finally commit enough of myself to start the task of rebuilding my credit from the ground up. It was not an easy undertaking, to say the least, but it had to be done. The Blueprint is my story…Let me share it with you.


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