The Dirty Truth about the National Do Not Call Registry!

The National Do Not Call Registry (NDNCR) was established by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in June 2003. It is enforced by the FTC, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and state law enforcement officials.

The NDNCR was created to stop telemarketers from interrupting family dinners and annoying consumers who did not opt into communication from telemarketers trying to pitch their products and services. Once you register your home or cell phone number with the NDNCR, telemarketers have 31 days from the day you register to stop calling you.

Now, here’s the rub… It doesn’t work. Although I have no personal experience with the NDNCR, I’ve heard nothing but complaints from numerous consumers over the years about how the NDNCR had failed them miserably. Not only did the calls from telemarketers not stop, they didn’t even slow down. Furthermore, debt collectors do not fall under the NDNCR… not that it would matter if they did!

The idea for this article was prompted by a recent Facebook post from a good friend and former co-worker when he posted about being awakened by a telemarketer despite being on the NDNCR. Now, my friend normally doesn’t complain very much but on this day he was hotter than cayenne peppers and he let all his friends know about it!

In short, if you find yourself being harassed by annoying telemarketers, don’t count on the National Do Not Call Registry to save the day.

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