The Pre-Release of “The Blueprint” Is Here!

My long-awaited credit repair guide entitled “The Blueprint” is available now via pre-release to members of the private “Bill Collectors Hate Me Group“. Current members have been enjoying the guide for a while and have already begun applying the valuable credit repair principles within it.

Although there are no current plans to release The Blueprint to the general public, it will remain available to BCHM blog visitors by email subscription only. Subscribing to the weekly email list will guarantee that you reserve your free copy of this amazing guide that is packed full of the principles that I used to improve my scores which led to 13 approvals within a 12-month time span.

The Blueprint will debunk every negative thing you’ve ever heard about credit repair and what can and cannot be removed from credit reports. “EVERYTHING” can be removed and I will show you how to do it right here, right now, in this manual and the best part about it is that it won’t cost you a dime. I am giving you this information for FREE!

If you’d rather not subscribe and don’t want to wait for the second wave of the release to email subscribers, you can get instant access right away by requesting to join the private “Bill Collectors Hate Me Group” so that you can start applying my tried and true principals right away!

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