The Ultimate Guide to American Express Credit Cards

When it comes to American Express credit cards, there are hundreds of choices, and choosing the best one for you can be overwhelming. Each card has different purposes and while they all seem the same, there are slight differences that make each one unique and useful.

Today, we are going to help you choose the right Amex card for you and your needs. We’ve done hours of research and rounded up 7 of the best American Express credit cards that you can choose from.

The top 7 Amex cards and what they offer:

  1. The Platinum Card

If you’re looking for a high-end card that offers high-end benefits, this is the option for you! This card offers a great rewards rate where you earn 5-10x points on all purchases made with this card. This card is hard to beat when it comes to earning travel perks and daily benefits.

        2. The Business Platinum Card

If you’re a business owner on the hunt for a new credit card, look no further! This Amex credit card is great if you travel for work a lot and want to receive some amazing benefits for your next trip. The one downside to this card is that the annual fee is high but the benefits you get from using this card regularly outweigh the high fee.

        3. Amex Gold Card

Great for the everyday user, this card offers 3-4x points on all purchases. Receive endless amounts of points on all food and travel purchases and get the most of your credit card with this Amex card.

       4. Blue Cash Preferred

If you prefer a card that has a cashback reward system where you can earn endless cashback on purchases, this is the card for you! Earn up to 6% cash back on everyday purchases, and it offers a great intro bonus. With a low annual fee and the ways you can earn cash back, this card is one of our favorite options for everyone.

      5. Blue Cash Everyday

One of the most popular Amex credit cards, this card offers a simple cashback reward structure and the best part is that there is no annual fee. While you don’t earn as much cash back as you would with their Blue Cash Preferred card, this is a great cashback starter card if you like things to be easy and simple.

      6. Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant

This Amex card is ideal for those who travel often and who stay primarily at Marriott locations. You get a great return on your Marriott stays and you’ll earn bonus points on every purchase.

      7. Delta SkyMiles Platinum

If you’re a frequent Delta Airlines traveler, you need this card! Earn endless points on all purchases including travel and get some of the best travel rewards on the market.

Which card will you choose?

The items above are some of the top American Express cards you can choose from. American Express has a card for everyone, you just have to determine your needs and what you want your credit card to do for you, and then you can narrow down your choices. The choices above are some of the most popular American Express cards you can choose. Which one will you choose?


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