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In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve recently added a “Top 10” list to my blog as I was curious to find out if the list was random or if it was a true metric of how many times each post was actually viewed.
Initially, I was skeptical as to how accurate the list would be until I checked my internal blog settings and verified that the list did, in fact, show the “most viewed” posts from day one of the blog’s inception.
To my surprise, some of my better articles did not make the list but from watching it carefully over the last couple of days, I did notice that the #10 item on the list was recently replaced by another post, which means that post positions are being calculated and updated on a continuous basis.
Further examination of my blog stats indicates that the top 10 posts are getting way more views than they normally would if not for appearing on the list. Typically, they’d be hidden in the blog’s archives until stumbled upon or discovered during a random search.
I also noted that the #1 post has about 600 more views than the post currently residing in the #2 position, which is the largest gap by comparison to the remaining 8 posts on the list.

This metric tells me that it will take an awful lot of work to bump the #1 article completely off the list, so stay tuned and check back often… I’ve got some serious work ahead of me!

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