VantageScore VS FICO Score

I won’t pretend like I know all the differences between the VantageScore that you might find on Credit Karma or Credit Sesame, but what I can tell you is that most creditors are looking at your FICO score when they are making decisions about whether to grant credit or deny it.

As it turns out, I am in the perfect position to make a comparison between the two credit scores. For comparison’s sake, as of today, my Transunion VantageScore as reported by Credit Karma is 607 and my Transunion FICO score is 669. Needless to say, that is a huge score difference.

I only found out my Transunion FICO score by accident because I received my Uber Visa in the mail recently with a 4K credit limit and on the accompanying paperwork, it showed that my Transunion FICO score was 669 at the time of approval.

That means that when my Credit Karma score was 650 then my true FICO score that lenders look to when making credit decisions was right around 712. Here I was beating myself up over my easily accessible Credit Karma score and it was nowhere near my true credit score!

So I say that, to say this: No matter what your Credit Karma score may look like today, just keep in mind that your FICO score, the one that lenders use to make credit decisions is most likely much higher. In my case, the difference was 62 points but admittedly, I do not know all the variables.

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