When The Devil Calls Your Job!

Debt Collectors calling your home is one thing, but when the calls start coming to your job and embarrassing you in front of coworkers and disrupting the normal business flow, the harassment has reached critical mass. Now, beyond the embarrassment, depending on where you work, you could be at serious risk of losing your job.

Fortunately for me, I’ve always worked at places that either had a switchboard where I personally knew the operator fielding the calls and was nice enough to send the callers elsewhere…Thanks, Sue! Or, I worked at places where my phone extension was so far off the grid that I was basically untouchable.

I realize that most people are not this fortunate. Luckily for me, most bill collectors have given up chasing me. It just takes up too much of their time and resources when it’s clear that they can’t get me to answer the phone or return a message. I am immune to fear and intimidation and they know it, so they move on to easier prey.

As for everyone else, you must keep your wits about you. The person with the money has all the power. You have what they want, so make debt collectors play by your rules and not theirs. If you can only pay X amount of money per month then stick to that amount. If they tell you that’s not acceptable, then tell them you’ll pay someone else if they don’t play ball.

They’ll play hardball at first but if you stand your ground, most will eventually relent and accept something rather than nothing. It’s simple math. For those who don’t accept your payment offer, that’s fine. Move on to the next and pay someone else.

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