Facebook Bill Collectors…WTF?

You might want to think twice about accepting a friend request from people you don’t know.

 Unscrupulous bill collectors have gotten sneaky and have started sending out friend requests on Facebook, only to harass you about debt. 

Just don’t expect them to be as obvious as the person in the image to the right. Normally, they will be disguised as a very attractive woman if you’re a male or a handsome man if you’re a female. Now, that’s just downright sneaky, isn’t it?

Recent incidents have found them befriending individuals for the sole purpose of contacting all their friends and telling them about your personal business matters in an attempt to embarrass you into paying a debt! Needless to say, this practice is illegal but when you’re dealing with “scum” you can’t expect them to play by the rules. 

Bill collectors will do as much as you let them get away with because they count on you not knowing your rights.

So, remember…DO NOT accept any friend requests from people you don’t know because if you do, it just may turn into the biggest nightmare of your life!

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