Lower Balances Equal Higher Limits

Recently, I’ve decided to pay off all my existing credit card balances and what I discovered is that as you pay down your bills, credit card companies will automatically increase your existing credit limits. For example: When I paid off my Gettington and Firestone credit accounts, my Nordstrom credit limit automatically increased.

After recognizing this trend, I reached out to Firestone and Express and requested a manual credit limit increase and was approved for both. Firestone increased my existing limit from $1200 to $2400 and although my Express limit did not double, it did increase.

These increases would have probably happened organically without my manual requests if given enough time for the companies to perform their internal credit reviews, but I decided to speed up the process as there is nothing wrong with being proactive. The end result is more available credit. The more available credit you have, the higher your credit score.

UPDATE: My Firestone credit limit was increased to $3200 upon request.

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