The Bill Collectors Hate Me Group Is Growing!

Almost a year ago, I invited followers of my blog to join the “Bill Collectors Hate Me Group” where members can discuss credit-related issues in an open forum environment so that other members can view the discussion and share their experiences in similar situations.

Well since then, membership has increased considerably over the last month since the release of “The Blueprint Credit Repair Guide” that is available to group members and email subscribers only. There are currently no plans to release this guide to the general public but members who already have access are free to share it with family, friends and social media groups.

This group features articles that are exclusive to group members and will not be available on the general public blog. Group membership will ensure that you have access to all that “Bill Collectors Hate Me” has to offer. There is also a group chat for “real-time” answers to your questions.

In closing, I ask that you continue to share “Bill Collectors Hate Me” as much as you feel comfortable and I will continue providing you with the most useful credit-related content available on the web today. Thank you for your ongoing support!

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