The Top 3 Questions about PayPal

Millions of people all over the world are using PayPal as a way to shop online fast and without worries. PayPal delivers flexibility, and ease of use, and works flawlessly every time. With that being said, it can take a bit of trial and error to figure out what works for you. This does bring the question, should you use PayPal for payments, and can it help you in any way? Also, is it possible to use it for credit repair? Here are some things to keep in mind.

Can PayPal hurt my credit?

It all comes down to how you use it, but generally, PayPal won’t damage your credit score in any way. PayPal doesn’t really allow for any long-term lending programs. As a result, PayPal is mostly used for managing your money online and making quick and simple transactions.

PayPal is known for its simple checkout process which makes shopping online as easy as possible. PayPal is great for buying things online, while also offering free payment protection. However, you don’t have to worry about it hurting your credit score in any way. That is certainly a value-added benefit.

Can PayPal help rebuild my credit?

Since PayPal is designed to cover purchases you make online using your own money from a bank account or backup funding source, it’s not a credit-building solution. As a result, you’ll need to find other options to rebuild your credit. The most important thing to focus on is eliminating debt, and doing so, will make the greatest difference in improving your credit scores.

Will PayPal close my account if I have bad credit?

There were instances in the past where accounts were closed due to low credit scores or the account was frozen, but that’s not the case anymore. PayPal won’t close your account solely due to a bad credit score. There are other reasons though, so reading their terms of service would be a good idea if you have concerns.


As you can see, using PayPal is great for shopping online. It can be just as good if you are a merchant looking for an easy way to accept payments online. That’s why it makes sense to give PayPal a try to see how well it fits your needs. There’s a reason why PayPal has millions of users. It’s an amazing platform that you’ll find a pleasure to use, with great support and speedy checkouts!


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