You Know It’s a SCAM When…

I get hundreds of questions every month from people saying they received a call from some random debt collector stating that they needed to hear from “either you or your attorney” by a certain deadline or else they’d commence with legal proceedings against them. If you ever get that call then you can safely assume that it is just a scam.

How do I know it’s a scam? It’s simple. The last person a debt collector wants snooping around in their shady business is an attorney! It’s because 9 times out of 10 the debt collector is using illegal collection tactics to shake people down of their money.

The ONLY reason why they’d tell you to have your attorney or legal representative call them back is that when the word “attorney” is mentioned in a live conversation or voicemail it makes the matter sound serious. If you actually did have an attorney call them back they’d freaking crap their pants!!!

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