Fingerhut: The Quickest Road to Credit Repair

Forget what you may have previously thought about Fingerhut Credit. I am here to tell you that I too, used to think of Fingerhut as just another junk creditor that served no purpose other than to sell overpriced merchandise to anyone willing to pay for it, but I was wrong.

Fingerhut and companies like it are small credit offerings but the value that they bring to your overall credit profile can be a huge factor in getting approved for Visa, Mastercard, and department store cards down the line. 

Sure, you pay a little more than you would if you purchased the same product at Walmart, but Walmart is not offering easy credit approvals. Fingerhut will grant credit to anyone who asks for it. They’ll take a chance on you when others won’t.

If you fail to qualify for traditional credit, they also offer a “Fresh Start” program that requires a small down payment but the credit-building benefits are the same. If you handle your account responsibly, Fingerhut will reward you by raising your credit limit as well as your score. 

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