Mr. Number: Your 1st Line of Defense against Bill Collector Harassment

Over the past two weeks, I did product reviews on Google Voice and Magic Jack. Two of my favorite services when it comes to taking back control of your phone and stopping bill collector harassment. Now I want to tell you about a neat and easy to operate an Android app called Mr. Number.

Mr. Number has a simple interface but its features are very robust. This free app allows you to block both phone and text messages. When a call comes through that you have identified as someone you do not want to speak to, Mr. Number will automatically answer and hang up on the caller or send the caller straight to voicemail, depending on which option you choose.

I have tried just about every free call filter in the Google Play store and even a couple of paid ones, but Mr. Number beats them all hands down and it’s not even close! So if you’re tired of being harassed by unwanted callers, download Mr. Number today and watch your worries disappear.

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