Kohl’s Charge: APPROVED!

YES… I was just approved for a Kohl’s Department Store charge card! Now, you may have never heard of Kohl’s before but for those who are familiar, Kohl’s is one of the best discount stores on the planet. When you think of Kohl’s, think Target, because they are basically one and the same except that Kohl’s might be cheaper!

The good news is that if Kohl’s is not local to you, you can always visit www.kohls.com for the best deals around! This department store has discounts on top of discounts on top of discounts! If you decide to stick with them, you can literally save hundreds of dollars a year on your purchases!

So just in case you have not been following my blog lately, my new Kohl’s card is the third unsecured credit card that I have received in the last three months and boy does it feel good! I’m ecstatic because there was a time not too long ago where I couldn’t buy a line of credit and now it seems that everyone is willing to give me a chance!

So with that, I want to leave you with this: Don’t ever give up! No matter how bad your credit may be today, there is always a brighter future tomorrow. I am living proof of this. With my experience, I can easily guide you through to a brighter day!

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