Just Pay Your Damn Bills!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been accused of teaching people how to “NOT” pay their bills. People read the title of my blog and automatically assume that I am on some kind of crazy, cult-like movement against debt collectors and everything they stand for.

They think I’m like the pied piper with thousands of followers just waiting on my every word as I lead them to the promised land of debt-free living by means of not paying back the people they owe. Hell, if I had that type of influence I certainly wouldn’t be wasting it on something as trivial as that!

On my Facebook page, you’ll find several comments like: “Just pay your damn bills!” These comments come without even reading my blog to find out what it’s about. I would never advise people to not pay their bills. I only suggest that when they do pay, they negotiate terms that favor themselves and not the debt collector.

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